Redeem points

  • Redeem your points
    • Make your next stay a free stayTM

    • Redeem 2000 points to create an E-Voucher worth €40. Advantages
      • Use your E-voucher on any day.
      • There are no black out dates to use your E-voucher
      • Make unlimited E-vouchers
      • You may also use your E-voucher as a gift to your family members, friends and peers.

Here's how it works?

  • Make a direct Hotel booking
  • Create E-voucher
    • If you have 2000 points you can create one WinnRewards E-voucher. Each E-voucher values €40.
  • Make your next stay a free stayTM
    • Use your E-voucher(s) to pay your bills.

Check your points balance

About E-vouchers

  • Terms of WinnRewards E-Voucher Use
    • WinnRewards E-Voucher is accepted in all member companies of WinnRewards up until the expiration date printed on the E-Voucher.
    • WinnRewards E-Voucher is accepted in all member companies of WinnRewards the booking / reservation is made through direct channel.
    • WinnRewards E-Voucher is valid for six months from creation date and can be used only one time.
    • Once an E-voucher is validated by a member company can never be re-used.
    • Payment using WinnRewards E-Voucher must be made directly at the WinnRewards loyalty program participating company.
    • WinnRewards E-Voucher can only be used for an eligible stay/hotel reservation.
    • WinnRewards E-Voucher can be used to pay bills for a given service and you may pay additional required amounts in other method accepted by the participating company.
    • Payment made with WinnRewards E-Voucher does not guarantee of earning points.
    • WinnRewards E-Vouchers are not exchangeable for cash refund or for any other monetary value.
    • WinnRewards E-Vouchers cannot be use for guarantee of hotel reservation.
    • This WinnRewards E-voucher is only valid if printed on a plain white A4 size paper, without changing print size, using a laser or ink jet printer.
    • Any WinnRewards E-voucher that is partially printed and or damaged or scribbled will not be accepted as a method of payment.
    • For more information about WinnRewards E-Voucher and WinnRewards loyalty program please visit faq