Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

WinnRewards is a unique and exceptional loyalty program designed to express our appreciation to our loyal customers and rewarding them.
WinnRewards loyalty program has unique points earning system. In all other loyalty program one particular member earns points from his/her own spending. Furthermore members' points only increase if spend more money at the hotel or someone transfer points to member's account. But a member of WinnRewards also earns points rewarded by WinnRewards beside the points earning possibility for his/her own spending at the hotel.

There are a many ways to join WinnRewards. Our partner organizations can enrol you as a member of WinnRewards once you use their service. You can visit our website and enrol yourself. If you stay in one of our partner hotels and your reservation is an eligible reservation, you will become member of WinnRewards. It is also possible to enrol at the reception of our partner hotels.

Once you become a member, you'll receive a confirmation email once we process your membership. You can always return to your WinnRewards Account at any time to change your account information or update your preferences.

Membership is free and it only takes a few minutes to sign up. Just fill in your last name, first name and your email address which will eventually become your membership log in ID to access to your WinnRewards Account.

Once you join WinnRewards you will get a membership number that will apear in your membership card and your email address will be your membership log-in ID. You can use either your membership number or membership ID to get your points updated in to your account, making hotel reservation or to claim your missing points.
Access to your WinnRewards account and go to personal information and update your personal information. We'll send you a notification email of any changes made to your personal information.
Click here to retreive or change your password. We'll send you an email to reset your password.
Membership is generally open to any adult (see Terms and Conditions). Corporations, associations, groups and/or other entities need additional permission and should apply separately to become a member of WinnRewards.
Access your WinnRewards account and at the Status tab you will find the ‘submit withdraw membership form’. Fill in the information and submit to withdraw your membership.

You earn points when you complete an eligible purchase at a WinnRewards partner organization. Use your WinnRewards ID when possible for getting your WinnRewards points. When checking-in at the hotel informs also the front desk that you are a WinnRewards member and confirm that they have your WinnRewards ID (email address) correctly in their system.

If you pay your bill in cash or card, WinnRewards partner company will update your SE points. Once you become an active member of WinnRewards you also qualify to earn WinnRewards Honour points.

SE Points stands for Self Earning Points-A unit that is accumulated by paying expenses in cash or card. SE points are rewarded by the hotel/WinnRewards partner organization.
Points that are rewarded by WinnRewards are Honor points.

Members or Cardholders accumulate WinnRewards SE points on the following basis:

  • Classic Membership€1 eligible spent = 1 WinnRewards SE Points.
  • Silver Membership€1 eligible spent = 1.25 WinnRewards SE Points.
  • Gold Membership€1 eligible spent = 1.5 WinnRewards SE Points.
  • Platinum Membership€1 eligible spent = 2 WinnRewards SE Points.

Payment made with E-voucher is not eligible in accumulating WinnRewards points. Please note that for taxes such as VAT and City Tax are not considered for points. Mostly room price, food and drinks price are included VAT. So for example if your bill was 90.00€ and you received 75 points that means points are awarded on your net payment after deducting taxes (VAT and others).

Only an entire number of points can be credited. If the euro/WinnRewards points conversion rate applied results in a decimal number of points, the number of WinnRewards points credited will be the whole number immediately below if the decimal is less than 5, and the whole number immediately above if the decimal is equal to or greater than 5.

For example, for a member or cardholder with Classic Status stay in a hotel or made a purchase in a participating organization of WinnRewards:

€100.10 spent earns 100 WinnRewards SE points

€100.80 spent earns 101 WinnRewards SE points

To earn Honour points you have to be an active member of WinnRewards. Use the service of WinnRewards partner companies/hotels and pay your bill in cash or card. The partner company will then update your SE points. Since then become an active member of WinnRewards and eligible to earn WinnRewards honor points.

WinnRewards belives memers are the essence of the our loyalty program. Therefore WinnRewards reward points to appreciate your membership with WinnRewards.

WinnRewards take member’s SE points transaction record in to account in rewarding honor points. Honor points have same value as SE points and members can always use these points to convert to E-voucher. Rewarding honor points is a random approach of WinnRewards. WinnRewards do not guarantee any specific day or period and minimum points in rewarding honor points to any member's account.

Hotel reservations made through direct channels are considered as eligible booking/stay and are eligible in earning WinnRewards points. The direct channel hotel reservation includes; reservation through

  • website,
  • website,
  • website of
  • hotel’s own website,
  • email,
  • telephone and
  • walk-in reservation.

A member must use the direct channel to be eligible to earn points. Hotel reservations made through any other channel or medium than above mentioned channels are not eligible to earn points.

  • Accommodation expenses in a hotel for the member or cardholder and one other room (i.e. a maximum total of 2 billed rooms), on condition that the aforesaid rooms are recorded in the member or cardholder's name, that the member or cardholder stays in one of the aforesaid rooms, that the second room is occupied by at least one of his/her children and that he/she personally pays the costs related to these two rooms upon departure;
  • Accommodation-related services: minibar, telephone, room-service, pay television, meals taken by the Member or Cardholder in the hotel restaurant and bar consumption at the hotel;
  • Expenses related to spa or beauty treatments only if the member or cardholder stays in the hotel.
  • In all other participating organization’s than hotels, any purchase paid in cash or card is eligible expenditure in earning WinnRewards SE points.
  • Extras (even if they are paid for at the hotel) as part of a non-eligible stay
  • Taxes (VAT and others), tips, taxi fares, transfers to or from the hotel, service costs / service charge and any other applicable costs;
  • Advances

    Note: eligibility rules for parking and laundry differ depending on the hotel set-up;

  • All costs and all expenses that are not specifically listed as eligible expenses

If you pay your hotel bill in cash or card hotel will update your WinnRewards SE points. Please note that updating your SE points may take up to 2 weeks. If your SE points are not updated withing 2 weeks then log in to your WinnRewards account and use the ‘submit a missing points form’ to claim your missing SE points.

However there is no time or period to specify how often your Honour points will be updated. We advice you to access your WinnRewards account often to check the update and balance of your points.

If your SE points are not updated withing 2 weeks since you paid your bill then access to your WinnRewards account and use the ‘submit a missing points form’ to claim your missing SE points. Our customer support team will make sure you receive your SE points within 2 weeks of your claim.

If you pay your hotel bill in cash or card hotel will update your WinnRewards SE points. Please note that updating your SE points may take up to 2 weeks. If your SE points are not updated withing 2 weeks then log in to your WinnRewards account and use the ‘submit a missing points form’ to claim your missing SE points.

The following expenses are not eligible for earning points:

Yes. For an eligible stay in one of our partner hotels you can earn SE points for other expenditures if those expenditures also appear on your bill.
No. You don’t earn any points for the part you paid in E-vouchers. If you pay any part of your bill in cash or card you will earn SE point for that amount.
WinnRewards points cannot be transferred to any other Member.

WinnRewards SE pionts and Honour pionts are valid forever and will never expire.

Your SE points are the base of your WinnRewards membership status. See article 3.3 in terms & conditions
If you have 2000 points you can create one WinnRewards E-voucher.
No. You cannot exchange your E-voucher for cash/refund.
No. You will not get any balance back if you pay with E-voucher. For example if the bill is € 35.00 and you paid one E-voucher to settle your bill, you will not get the € 5.00 refund.
You need have a balance of 2000 points to create one E-Vouhcer, either SE points or Honor points or in combination of both SE points and Honot points. First your SE points and then your Honour points will be deducted when you covert your points to E-voucher.
Yes. You can make E-voucher as long there is a balance of 2000 points.
No. There no are limits. You can make any numbers of E-vouchers as long there are enough points.
Yes. Once you converted your points into E-voucher it has a validity of 6 months from the issue date.
Yes. You are allowed to give your E-voucher(s) to others and they can use it to pay their bills in WinnRewards partner companies/hotels.
No. Once E-voucher has been issued it cannot be restored to points.