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Earn points and stay free

Our unique loyalty program gives a member the opportunity to be rewarded by the hotel and by WinnRewards. Make a ‘Direct Booking’, pay your hotel bill in cash or card and start earning the following points:

WinnRewards SE Points

SE Points stands for Self Earning Points. A unit that is accumulated by paying expenses at the hotel in cash or by card.

WinnRewards Honor Points

Honor points are rewarded by WinnRewards in appreciation to its member. WinnRewards highly values each member's loayalty to Winnrewards and reward them. Be an active member of WinnRewards, remain as an active member and keep earning WinnRewards honor points.
Classic Silver Gold Platinum
2,500 SE Points 10,000 SE Points 25,000 SE Points
Earn WinnRewards honor points
Earn extra SE points on top of base SE points
Earn for each 1 euro eligible spending 1SE Point 1.25SE Points 1.5SE Points 2SE Points
Membership status never demotes or expires?
Never expire SE points?
Direct channel reservations Booking via 3rd Party
  • Hotel's official website
  • winnrewards.com
  • Hotel Group Chain website
  • By email
  • By telephone
  • Walk-in reservation
  • Indirect channel reservations
  • Via Online Travel Agency (OTA)
  • Via Whosaler / Tour Operator / Other 3rd Parties
  • Via Consortia etc.
Hotel booking?
eligible hotel booking
non-eligible hotel booking
Eligible to earn WinnRewards points?

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